The revolutionary iHelp+ 3G mobile medical alert system is designed with you in mind. It is meant to allow patients to travel to any places of their interests at any time they would like to without any restrictions. This system is ideal for those individuals who need to be assured of their safety when they are in their home environments or if they just need to have their own trips away from home. This alert system is developed and designed to suit all clients who are indeed of such services helping them go safely everywhere. Some of the features that are attributed to this alert system include:
• Automatic fall detection
This system is programmed to automatically detect when you fall whether you are in your home compound or whichever the place you could be. Even if you are not able to push and open the door the system will still detect the emergency and immediately notify the system associates.
• A two-way communication system
This is an amazing feature that is tailored to ensure that all patients receive the help they require as soon as possible. The system allows you to get an immediate feedback through a one on one conversation with one of the staff members in control of the system.
• Offers a range of services
With the system, you are able to have access to all the kind of services you require. This, however, does not matter if the person in need of medical attention is a relative, a family friend or anyone just in need of help, the medical services will be availed immediately after you press the call button.
• Ability to identify different locations where help is needed. This advanced iHelp 3G+ system technology helps to identify the different locations where medical help is needed after a call is made and hence enabling the patients to receive attention as soon as they need it and hence assurance of enough safety to their clients even if they fall away from their homes.
How medical alert system operates;
The system is very simple, and hence assures no complications or long procedures followed before receiving the medical services. Some of the steps followed in receiving the medical attention are:
1. Calling for help
When you fall, you should immediately press the call button to give a signal that you are in need of a medical attention. Even when you unable to press the call button, the mobile is designed in such a way that it is able to detect a fall and make a call when it occurs.
2. An immediate response is given
This is the second step after making the call, an associate of the medical system will examine your personal information, assess your situation and then give you an assurance that you should expect some medical attention in a few minutes.
3. Identification of your location
The lifeline system helps the service providers in identifying your current location from which the services can be delivered to and assist you Go Safely home or as needed although the advanced technologies which it uses to easily identify your location.
4. Assurance of receiving some help
The response associates operating the system will inform your neighbour or a close relative of your current situation and how they should help you. If the situation is not so serious, the associates will follow up and ensure you get the maximum attention that you need.
Unlike other medical alert systems, iHelp+ 3G system focuses on providing sufficient health care to the elderly and senior individuals in the society. Most of these elderly persons are vulnerable to frequent diseases and hence require much medical attention that even the younger people. iHelp+ 3G is a trusted company in providing mobile medical services and therefore one should consider working with them if they are in need of any of their products or services.