All of us require an assurance that help will be available when we need it, especially in times of emergencies. Although one can be able to access help by shouting for help or someone noticing they need help, this is not always reliable. There are chances that help might never come through such means. That is where having a lifeline medical that one can rely on for safety steps in, to give you peace of mind and staunch reliability.

iHelp+ 3G Medical alert system is an easy-to-use, reliable and automated technology that enables one to give an alert when in need of an emergency. It is simple, one needs to press a self-aid button and professional associate will make sure that a response comes to your help. Undeniably, this is all need, a trustable and reliable source of aid during emergencies. The aged and the handicapped in any way can reach help.

What makes iHelp+ 3G a better alert system is basically its automation response. It has a technology that distinguishes between a normal fall and a potentially injurious fall. If one suffers a stroke or anything that might make him/her fall unexpectedly, This lifeline notices it is an abnormal fall and reaches out for help. This is an absolutely exceptional feature that makes it a great real life saver.

Rough speaking, about 1 to 2 million people fall every year and need help. Statistics show that a whopping 20% or 40% can’t press their self-help button. This is either from shock or from the consequent break-down. iHelp+ 3G Medical alert system will ensure that an alert signal is sent to the service providers. Response depending on what kind of help one requires will be availed, either from a medic or a family member. Come to think of it iHelp+ 3G Medical alert system is a means of reconnecting the elderly with their loved ones.

We all agree that time is very critical during times of emergency. A system that saves on the time wasted between an emergency and response is definitely crucial. Undoubtedly, though there is a charge, iHelp+ 3G Medical alert system, by all means, a philanthropic move to save lives.

Briefly, these are the benefits of using a Lifeline of iHelp+ 3G Medical alert system

  • It gives you peace of mind that help will be availed in case of an emergency
  • It is a reliable
  • It reduces the time between an emergency and response and therefore increases the probability of surviving a fatal accident
  • Its automated feature of detecting abnormal falls makes it perform better than other means of emergency alerts.
  • Operates 24/7, that means assistance anytime and anywhere.
  • Ensures that alerts can be sent from anyone even if they are handicapped.

iHelp+ 3G Medical alert system is an unchallenged revolutionary new system of saving lives. It is accepted and trusted means of giving alerts during emergencies in North America. The elderly and the handicapped have benefited a lot from this impressive technology. It is undeniably prudent to adopt and get the confidence you need to protect your loved ones.