Panic buttons are handy and useful in different kind of emergencies, ranging from fire emergencies, theft, medical emergencies and so forth. When one presses a panic button, it sends an alert to the emergency response center, who then responds by offering the necessary help. It is safe to say that medical panic buttons help save lives all over the globe. Medical panic buttons are essential and suitable to be used by all kinds of people. Seniors in society can use it, more so those who live alone. It is also ideal for children, lone workers and people who train alone.

Panic buttons are placed in places where an individual can easily access them. They are available in bracelets, necklace, belt clips and so much more. Once an individual presses the panic button it sends a signal to an approved medical monitoring center. Panic buttons also activate the GPS to allow the monitoring center to locate the individual. The center sends the coordinates to the designated family members and friends. They also request for a medical response team to check up on the individual, thus ensuring that help arrives on time and at the right place.

Panic buttons once pressed triggers an alarm; the alarm can only be put off by the monitoring company or by the individual. Once an individual triggers the signal, the monitoring company will contact the individual using the residence landline or even mobile phone, and if the call goes unanswered, then the monitoring team will send help immediately and also try to contact the family members or friends. It is expensive to hire a caregiver to always look out for your elderly loved ones, and it is also tough to send them to a nursing home where they do monitoring correctly. To avoid this dilemma, it is advisable that you opt for a medical panic button. In case of an emergency, the senior individual will press the panic button to request for help.

Lone workers are workers who work or perform their duties alone without much supervision. They are exposed to risks, and since they are always alone, it is essential that they have devices equipped with panic buttons. It is not a guarantee that a lone worker must be injured or fall ill while working, however in case he or she is injured, he or she should press the panic button. Once alone worker presses the panic button, a signal is sent, and the employer is informed. Lone workers include maintenance workers, drivers and lab workers.

With the advancement of technology, medical panic buttons are now connected to smartphones via Bluetooth. There are also mobile phones apps that act as panic buttons. You press your panic button for about two seconds to trigger your alarm. Some even detect falls and automatically send a signal to the emergency response center. The emergency response and monitoring center will then send help. The panic button is linked to an individual’s emergency contacts, security contacts, and medical response unit.

Panic buttons enable an individual to live comfortably and independently. There is a wide range of panic buttons, so it is essential to choose a medical panic button that is effective, and that ensures quick response time.