Currently, over 26% of Americans aged above 65 years are living alone. This means that the safety of the aged population has become an issue that requires serious consideration by the relatives as well as the caregivers. If you are aware of the potential dangers that the seniors who live alone face, it means that you are better prepared in case an emergency situation arises with senior alarm devices.

To ensure their safety, you need to learn how to make the elderly’s home safe, avoid accidents and generally ensure that they stay safe and healthy. The following are tips on how you can ensure the safety of your loved one who is elderly.

The outdoors

Accidents and injuries can not only happen inside the house but also outside. The accidents can occur in the external premises of the home such as the driveway or on the porches and stairs in the garage. Therefore, it is crucial that you have a senior alarm to help you get quick assistance in case of an emergency. Nevertheless, to reduce the risk of accidents in the outdoors, the following tips will be of help:

  • Avoid walking on a wet or icy surface outside your home
  • During winter, pour sand or salt on your driveway so that you melt any snow or ice
  • Install a door which opens automatically in your garage
  • Do not leave your house key outside your house
  • If you have a history of falls, ensure that you have a periodic fall assessment from your health care provider

Financial safety

Even though seniors make a small proportion of the general population, when it comes to fraudsters, they are the major target. Actually, elderly people account for about a third of all fraud victims. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the elderly are safe from scams, frauds and all the other forms of financial exploitation. The following tips will help to keep seniors financially safe:

  • Keep the valuables like jewelry, cash or art objects at the bank in a safety deposit box
  • For the incoming payments, checks or disability and Social Security benefits, use direct deposit
  • Get familiar with the various types of financial scams and learn the warning signs
  • Do not share your financial information with neighbours or any stranger
  • Check your bank account every now and then and be keen on any suspicious transaction

Healthy safety

Majority of elderly people suffer from chronic illnesses like cancer, hypertension and diabetes. In case you fall under this category, it is important that you take care of yourself by ensuring that you not only take the medicine but also that you take them on time and maintain a healthy diet. The following are some tips on how to stay healthy:

  • Quit smoking, alcohol or any drug substance
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Keep up with immunizations as well as other health screenings
  • Eat a balanced diet and stay active

Being senior does not have to mean that you retire in life just like you have retired at work. Even if you are older and obviously cannot engage in most of the activities that you engaged in while younger, you can still enjoy and do more fun activities in life. The most important thing is to stay safe with the best personal alert system while you enjoy your free time.