As we continue to grow and get older, we hope that our lives are going to get easier. We hope that we are finally going to have enough time to relax and do things that we actually love to do once we retire things that we did not have time to do because of our demanding jobs.

Even though the golden years can be some of the great years of our lives, there are certain challenges that are specifically associated with this period. Below are the three challenges that the majority of the elderly people face in their daily lives.

Fall injuries

Older citizens can trip and fall on a wet floor or a rug that is upturned while they are at home. Falling among the elderly are considered to be dangerous because once an elderly person falls, he or she may not be able to alert someone or get up. It is for this reason that every home that has an elderly person needs to have a senior emergency alert system which can come in handy in times of emergencies like falls. With this alert system, the elderly person can get the help they need on time.

One of the causes of the frequent falls among the elderly is the multiple pills they take. According to research, taking multiple pills simultaneously makes the patient drowsy and lightheaded hence increasing the risk of falling. Majority of the elderly people suffer from chronic diseases which put them on medication. To avoid falls, it is advisable that caregivers ensure that the elderly people have their vision tested and in addition, their rooms should always remain clutter free.


It is very common for seniors to feel as though they are socially isolated. As we get older, our friends get older too. Most times, elderly people lose their friends to either death or Alzheimer’s disease. The other factor that can contribute to the feeling of loneliness among the elderly is the lack of transportation since they can no longer drive themselves as they used to when they were younger. To help the elderly maintain their social life with their remaining old friend and even new friends, you can help them use public transportation and encourage them to engage in hobbies that are social in nature such as being part of clubs in the neighborhood or joining the neighborhood committees. Having a pet can be a wonderful daily companion too.

Remembering their Medication

Fatigue or mental illness can affect the memory of elderly people making the forgetful. They may start to forget taking their medication. Forgetting to take their medicine can be dangerous so other means of remembering this crucial exercise are recommended, For instance, the elderly person can link their daily activities with their medication so every time they do a particular daily routine like having breakfast, they also take their medicine. They can also make use of the notebook by writing down every time they take their medicine, this will prevent them from taking the same dose twice.


Hopefully, with the above information, you are able to understand the challenges that senior citizens face hence you may be able to assist them. The importance of senior emergency alert system can be immeasurable and unavoidably important as our loved ones grow older. You can share the information above with your loved one too and help them stay safe.