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Employee safety is top priority when it comes to job security

Umbrella™ Mobile 5G enabled safety device enables personal protection anywhere for a variety of use cases. The device provides immediate incident notification and protection including fall detection – ideal for multiple enterprise industries including VIPs, transportation workers, construction or other lone workers, students, elderly and students on or off campus.


No Installation:

Preconfigured, eliminating the need for any on-site configuration.


Integrates into existing command centres, offering access via a customer web portal and app.


The Qi wireless charging device has:


LTE Cat-M1 cellular network
BLE Protocol
Voice over IP


Battery: Rechargeable
Battery life: 1 voice call with geolocation. Up to 7 days of standby


Storage ambient temperature range: -20ºC - 70ºC (-4ºF - 158ºF)
Operating ambient temperature range: -10ºC -55C (14ºF - 131ºF)
Operating humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
Water and dust resistant: IP67


Cellular triangulation


Size (H x W x D): 55 x 35 x 15 mm
(2.165 x 1.378 x 0.591 in.)
Weight: 26 g (0.9 oz.)


With just a button press, Umbrella alerts authorities to an incident, sharing the current location and using two-way voice communication to connect with law enforcement and team members, facilitating the dispatch of emergency responders.
This rapid notification helps first responders arrive quickly, often de-escalating violent situations and reducing potential harm, which can positively impact an enterprise’s reputation and bottom line.

Stay Safe, Stay Confident…

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Our device is designed for anyone needing extra safety and security

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who we are for ?

Depending on what works for you, umbrella can be used in different ways

With Belt Clip

With Cord

With Cradle

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