Being old does not necessarily mean that one is sick. However, a lot of times, being old means being sick most of the time. people suffer from diseases that are specific to their age. Most of the time, people suffer from multiple health conditions which are mostly complex and chronic. There are various health conditions that come with age. These illnesses include hypertension, diabetes, stroke, cataract, arthritis cancer, sleep disorder, dementia among others . One way you can avoid such illnesses is by getting some information about them so that you know how to avoid them as one age and where necessary get an elderly alarm device for seniors that live alone. This elderly alarm devices helps inform family members in case of any unexpected accidents.

Here are some common illnesses; cancer, hypertension, and arthritis.

Heart disease
As people continue to age, they are increasingly living with risk factors such as having a high level of cholesterol and high blood pressure. These two conditions increase one’s chance of developing a heart disease or having a stroke. To avoid the heart diseases, seniors can exercise regularly, consume a well-balanced diet and have a good night’s sleep. In this case, eating well means eating in a way that you get to maintain a healthy weight. Keep off junk foods and instead, have healthy meals with lots of fruits and also remember to drink plenty of water. It is important that seniors has an elder alarm devices and remember not to miss their medication,especially, when they have a heart condition to avoid complications.

Considered to be the leading cause of death among people aged above 65, cancer is a name given to a collection of diseases where the cells of the body begin to divide without stopping and spreading to the surrounding tissues. Even though it is considered to be a killer disease, If caught early through screenings like colonoscopies, mammograms and skin checks, some types of cancer can be treated. Cancer is common among the aged population because our body cells get damaged over time. These damaged cells build up and are capable of leading to cancer.

Besides cancer, Arthritis is another leading health condition that affects people aged above 65 years. In fact, Arthritis is said to be the disease that affects the biggest number of old people compared to other diseases. Arthritis affects old people more because it results from the wear and tear on your body that comes with aging. Even though arthritis can discourage seniors from being active, it is recommended that being active as you continue with treatment is very important in maintaining good health.

Even though seniors are prone to many chronic diseases, this does not mean that they should sit at home and watch as the younger generation enjoy life. Actually, most of the diseases that they suffer from can be controlled if they stick to a healthy lifestyle. Being friends with other elderly people who are living a healthy lifestyle can also help you to stay healthy. Having elderly alarm devices will ensure our loved seniors are always reachable in case of any emergencies.