Today, more and more seniors are staying alone in their homes. As a result, their safety has become a top priority. Not only do they need to live in a safe space, they also need to be prepared in case the power goes out or in case a weather disaster happens. Senior citizens who live alone face numerous challenges. Therefore, it is crucial for them to take steps to ensure their safety when they are at home. Below are ways in which the elderly can stay safe while living by themselves.

Keep medications list handy

Elderly people with certain medical conditions need to have a medical ID bracelet that they wear at all time. This will make it easier for the medical personnel to get the information they require to assist you in case of an emergency. This is if the medical personnel will need to come to your home.

In addition, lists of any allergies, medication and personal information should always be handy. You can keep this information in your purse, wallet or any other place that is highly visible such as the bulletin board or the refrigerator. Just like the medical ID bracelet, this list will provide the emergency responders with information that has the potential of saving your life.

Have a medical alert system

One of the medical alert systems you can get is the lone walker medical alert system. This alert system is what you should consider if you want to be out often but you are scared for your safety. With Lone Worker Personal Alarm is perfect for those who primarily work alone, you get to live your independent life in your own terms. Regardless of your location, once you have this gadget, you are sure to receive assistance on time. Be it a fall or a medical assistance. Based on your current needs, the Associate on the receiving end will quickly assess your situation and your profile, and then they will get in touch with your neighbor, family member or emergency service.  iHelp+ 3G™ is a revolutionary mobile medical alert system ensures that you stay safe as you live your life to the fullest.

Prevent Falls

Falls are among the leading causes of fatal injuries among the elderly. If you live alone, you are at a higher risk of falling and fall-related injuries than the senior citizens who live with other people. So, if you are living alone, it is important that you take steps to prevent falling. One of the places where most falls occur in the bathroom. The bathroom is the most dangerous place for seniors who live alone. To prevent bathroom falls, install grab bars around the toilet and the shower. You can also get non-slip mats for your bathroom. It is important that homes for the elderly are free of anything that has the potential of causing them to fall.


Keeping the above tips can help you, as a senior, to stay safe and happy as you enjoy your independent life. Start to implement them today and remember to pass the above information and choose  iHelp+ 3G™ is a revolutionary medical alert system for your loved ones.